When doing her MA a few years ago, Kate was fortunate to come upon a subject for her dissertation where very little work had been done “Flutes d’amore and their repertoire” ( a now rare type of flute pitched in A or B flat) and she therefore had the opportunity to do some original research. The MA was duly completed and she was soon recognised, to her surprise, as something of an expert in the field.

There has been interest in this work from all over the world. Kate has written an article summarising her findings which has been published in New Zealand and Brazil. It may be consulted by following this link: Flute D’amore. Sankyo Flutes, a major Japanese manufacturer, has used an edited version of her findings on their web site Flauto D’amore for some time to give background information on their new Flute d’amore in A which they are selling as an additional instrument for bands.

Kate is aware that this is a very large subject and believes that her work to date has done little more than scratch the surface. She would very much like to obtain funding to pursue these researches with the eventual aim of a doctorate.

Being a practising musician, this is not just an academic exercise for her. She and her audiences have been captivated by the rich, mellifluous, if not to say sexy sound these instruments make. It is her aim to bring to life some of the extensive repertoire she has uncovered. She has created her own edition of a Concerto in F for Flute d’amore and strings by J.A Hasse (1699-1783) which she performed in London in 2003. It is an attractive piece, reminiscent of Vivaldi, and she is very interested in further performances. Her first performance is now available to view on You Tube She has other works in preparation. She is also interested in demonstrating this is a viable contemporary instrument and to this end has had contact with several composers, asking them to write her a piece. The first piece has already been written and Kate and her pianist will shortly be preparing it for performance.

Interest in the flute d’amore is growing. In April 2018 Kate attended the 1st International Low Flutes Convention near Washington D.C. and gave her lecture/recital on the instrument which was very well received.

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